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Freedom From Pain

I have experienced Chronic Pain and will personally guide and support you every step of the way.

Break The Cycle

It may feel like you’re stuck and there’s no way out. Find out how I’ve helped others like you.

Want to get off Painkillers?

Painkillers are great for short term pain relief, however, been on them long term can have an impact on your life and how you function. You will find out how you can come off.

Painkillers are great for short-term relief; however, consuming them for extended periods of time can have a tremendous impact on your life and how you function. You will find out how you can put an end to your dependence on these drugs.

Exhausted from unrelenting pain?

Constant pain wears you down. Add to that a perpetual lack of sleep and you’ve got an agonizing combination. I know how it feels, and I know how to help.

Can’t sleep?

When you don’t sleep it causing chaos in the body. Sleep time is for download and repair, sleep is imperative for life. You need it! I can help you, allow me to show you how.

Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc with both the mind and body. Sleep is imperative for life – it is a time for restoration and repair. You need it! I can help you get the healing sleep you need, let me show you how…

Living in Pain?

Those suffering from chronic pain can live astounding lives. They are hampered by a few factors, however, enhanced by others. I have never met a person who was helpless, hopeless or without the capacity to accomplish, regardless of their current condition. How happy or hopeless you are does not rely upon how severe your sickness is or how painful or agonizing your conditions are. You don’t have to sit tight and wait for the pain or sickness to go away. Enjoy your life at this moment.

Need Assistance?

I am Dawn Cady, The Pain Transformation Specialist Coach. I can help you to challenge your limits, assist you to live better, function better, move forward and change your point of view on life using a proven procedures and techniques.

Fundamentally, by giving yourself to the coaching process, your personal satisfaction and quality of life can be expanded, your pain can be diminished and you can accomplish more than you might think is possible, in spite of illness or pain.

The objective of this coaching and service is to decrease the impacts of back pain or illness on each and every part of life, using targeted self managed and professional practices which will lead to improvements in your ability, productivity and your mindset across all areas of your life.

Our Service Area Sydney, NSW (New South Wales), Australia


These are the results of a recent survey of patients who finished my course. Knowing I can help my clients have such an impact on their lives, to me, is an awesome motivation to get up each morning.


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Get the FREE Report and find major causes of chronic pain.

Get the FREE Report and find major causes of chronic pain.

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