Build Better Relationships

When we are in pain we deal with unpleasant sensations; fuzzy thinking, poor memory, anxiety and depression. It’s very difficult to make an effort, the simplest tasks are so bloody hard. And trying to maintain relationships is not easy.

After time close friends and family contact you less as they no longer want to listen. And quite frankly don’t like to see who you have become. They want to help you they want to remove your pain but they don’t know how and they about your pain and the reason for this is when we are in pain an they feel helpless, so subconsciously they switch off.

And when in pain it takes all your energy in dealing with the pain you are unable to make the effort needed to keep relationships going, it’s a vicious cycle.

You can fix all of this, you do not need to be alone you can build your relationships, you can have fun again you can be happy. You don’t need to suffer and feel isolated, I promise.

Join my webinar to know how you can have enjoyable and healthy relationships by managing your pain.


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