Group Coaching

"From the pain to the free"

This coaching program emerges in groups. It also contains all levels of coaching, healing, and training in Sydney, Australia. If you are suffering from physical back pain or emotional pain (whether you have been recently diagnosed or have been debilitated for years )and you want collaborative group coaching and learning environment, then this program is best for you.

This is the most comprehensive treatment plan, designed to considerably reduce pain and even eliminate in most cases and in many types of pains. But this is not all: it will also help you to break through the blocks and barriers that are holding you back from stepping into a bigger vision of you.

We specialize in chronic pain and diseases treatment. We always find the root cause of pain by listening, understanding and working closely and ensuring the effectiveness of our support.


  • 4 month coaching program courses to execute as  groups.
  • In this four month period, each month I’ll teach you everything you need to know about helping your body to heal itself in easy-to-implement chunks, and I’ll give you specific action steps to take between teleclasses. You won’t have to guess at how to get better and will be able to find out what works for you very easily.
  • Email support and accountability check in as needed.
  • Two 60-minute teleclasses each month including training and Q&A, in which you will get all the information you need to heal your body and transform your pain. With the teleclasses program, you will get further, faster because this includes step-by-step changes that will give you tools you can use throughout your life.
  • A small number of peer members to support you and to learn from, so you have a group of people pulling for you and cares about you and your progress.


What Can This Do for Me?

This program has helped many of my clients to:

  • Be able to manage/eliminate their pain naturally.
  • Be free from depression and anxiety.
  • Have happier & stronger relationships.
  • Feel less burdened and a sense of calm.
  • Wake up happy to be alive, feeling 10 years’ younger.
  • Become more focused and have increased direction.
Who Would Benefit from This Program?
Anyone who’s experiencing pain. It could be back pain to autoimmune disease to anxiety and even depression.
Why Should I Use Dawn Cady Coaching?

I have been suffered from chronic pain and autoimmune diseases for over 18 years. After years of research and testing, I have found what exactly works and what does not.

My program is unique in the fact that it’s tailored made for you since one size doesn’t fit all.

Together we will find your path to a happier, fulfilling, enriched and most of all, a PAIN FREE life.

What Do I Have to Do?
Commitment from you to transform your life and to follow the steps we provide; to get you “From the Pain to the Free”.

For any further information or inquiries, please write to us at

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